Technogym Artis Vario

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Technogym Artis Vario

Technogym Artis Vario is unique in the way it follows your stride and automatically adapts to movement. Enjoy a broad range of exercises from the very first step with the innovative self-start system.

Designed in Italy, the Vario is essentially a non-impact machine; this carries the added benefit of being able to strengthen joints, bones, and muscles without risk of injury and future joint problems. Smooth and quiet, you can be sure that the Vario will make a fine addition to any space and perform your workout at any hour without the loud humming noises that traditional cross trainers carry.

Three types of motion: step, elliptical, and vario
Quiet and smooth
Intense, natural training unlike any cardio machine
No impact means less stress on joints and bones
Seamless transitions between types of motion
Want to lose weight: With Vario you can burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes because with a single machine you involve all the muscles in your body: from legs to arms and from abdominal to shoulders. Physical activity is intense, but the perception of exertion is minimal because you adapt the motion of the machine to your own pace.
Want full-body training: Vario has two platforms and two interconnected lever-handles that move simultaneously. If you decide to use them together, pressing them as you wish, you'll involve the muscles of your legs in the exercise along with those of the upper half of the body.
Want to prevent or ease joint problems: The movement of Vario is similar to talking a walk, a run, or climbing stairs, but without the striking impact against the ground that is typical of road running. This way you can move and warm your joints without fatigue, preventing injury and future problems.
Want to improve coordination and rhythm: The connection between the pedals and the handles and their simultaneous motion, allows you to involve your arms and legs in a rhythmic movement that helps the upper part of your body to synchronize with the bottom half.
Different from a treadmill or running on the road: Compared with a treadmill or running outdoors there is less impact on the knees and feet because there is no contact with the ground. What's more, treadmills have very specific rules for performing exercises, but with Vario you choose the position and the movement: you can even decide to run backward!
Designed for any height: However tall you are, you'll find your ideal stride without having to adjust it in advance because the equipment is biomechanically designed to be suitable for all users from 4' 5" (140 cm) to 6' 9" (210 cm) and weighing up to 350 lbs (160 kg).
Suitable for rehabilitation: Vario is suitable for use in hospitals, outpatient clinics, sports centers, and rehabilitation facilities as support for treatment and muscular rehabilitation.
What are the three Vario movements like?: Vario is the only cardio machine with platforms that follow different trajectories. That's why you can perform three different movements, both in terms of intensity and the muscles involved:
Vertical step: As the name suggests, this is similar to the movement you make climbing and descending stairs. It's a rhythmic stride from high to low and vice versa.
Elliptical movement: In this case your legs perform a circular movement similar to a brisk walk (if you have a short stride) or a run (long stride).
"Vario" movement: Similar to an athlete's fast run, it's the type of movement that allows you to cover a stride that can extend up to 33" (83 cm.)
How can I change movement?: With Vario, you decide when and whether to change from one movement to another. You can begin with stepping, and then without stopping run faster, shifting to the elliptical, to then reach full stride, and then finish your workout with another step session. Movement develops quickly and isn't tiresome; it even guarantees greater safety because with Vario you start, stop and manage the workout yourself, just as you would when walking on the road.
Resistance at 120 SPM: 30-500
Step Height: 170 mm
Lateral Supports: Yes
Fast Track Control with Visual Setup: Yes
Calorie Coach: Yes
Goal Oriented Display: Yes
Plug & Play System: Yes
Wellness System: Optional
Characteristics: 26 programs, 15 languages, fitness test/ 23 programs, 13 languages, fitness test
Difficulty Levels: 1-25
Power Supply: 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Min-max Stride: 0-33″
Min. Pedal Height From the Ground: 270 mm
HR Monitoring: Double HS, Telemetry
Max User Weight: 352 lbs
Weight: 440 lbs
Dimensions: 73" L x 29" W x 67" H